How to Make a DIY Robot for Under $50


Building your own robot can be a fun and educational project that doesn't have to break the bank. With just a few common materials and components, you can make a simple DIY robot for under $50. In this article, I'll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Supplies Needed

To build your budget robot, you'll need the following supplies:

In total, these parts should cost around $40-50. You may also need some common tools and craft supplies like glue, tape and scissors.

Assembly Steps

Follow these steps to assemble your budget robot:

1. Mount Motors on Base

Use strong glue or tape to securely attach the motors to the top side of the box/base. Place them side by side pointing the same direction.

2. Wire Up the Motors

Connect the red wires from both motors to the positive battery wire. Connect the black wires to the L293D motor driver chip.

3. Connect Microcontroller and Motor Driver

Plug the motor driver into the breadboard. Connect pins from the microcontroller to the driver chip with jumper wires. This allows control of the motors.

4. Add Battery Pack and Extra Components

Attach the battery pack to the base using tape/glue. Connect the battery's positive and negative wires to the motors and microcontroller. Add any sensors, lights or buzzers you want.

5. Program the Microcontroller

Upload code to the microcontroller to control the motors and other components. Start with simple commands to make the robot move and interact.

6. Complete the Build

Add any finishing touches like decorations or bumpers. Install wheels on the motor shafts and your DIY robot is complete!

Tips to Keep Cost Low

Here are some tips for keeping the cost of your budget robot under $50:

Ideas to Enhance Your Robot

Once you have a basic functioning robot built, there are many cool upgrades and additions you can make:

The possibilities are endless! Start simple, then expand the build over time. With just a bit of creativity and electronics know-how, you can make an awesome DIY robot on a budget.


Building an inexpensive DIY robot is totally doable with basic components like motors, batteries and microcontrollers. For under $50, you can make a simple bot that you can drive around and expand upon. As you gain experience, add more features and abilities to your robot. The project will teach you valuable skills in electronics and engineering while providing hours of fun!