How to Make a DIY Smart Home Security System With Arduino

Making your own DIY smart home security system with Arduino is an excellent way to save money while creating a customized system tailored to your needs. An Arduino-based security system allows you to monitor sensors, control devices, and receive alerts - all without paying monthly fees.

What You Will Need

Here is a list of components I used for my Arduino smart home security system:

Setting Up the Arduino

The first step is assembling the Arduino board and connecting the components. Here is how I set up my system:

Programming the Arduino

Next, you need to program the Arduino to monitor the sensors, trigger alarms, and display status messages. I recommend the following code structure:

Include Required Libraries

At the top, include Wire, LiquidCrystal, and any other required libraries. This makes functions available.

Initialize Constants

Define sensor pins, LCD pins, LED pins, etc as constant variables for easy reference later.

Setup Function

In the setup, initialize the LCD, set pin modes, begin serial communication, and initialize any sensors.

Main Loop

The main loop continuously checks sensor states and triggers appropriate responses like sounding the buzzer, turning on LEDs, and writing to the LCD. Use if-then conditionals and boolean logic to take various actions.

Supporting Functions

Write additional functions for initializing specific sensors, displaying sensor data on the LCD, sending text alerts, etc. Breaking code into reusable blocks makes debugging easier.

Mounting the System

Once the electronics are functioning, mount the components for permanent installation:

Using and Enhancing Your System

With the basics set up, add features to customize your DIY Arduino security system:

By leveraging the versatile Arduino platform, you can create a DIY smart home security system with exactly the features you need. Start with the basics in this guide, then expand possibilities - the options are endless! Let me know if you have any other questions.