Making smooth panning shots can be difficult without expensive camera dollies or sliders. However, with some basic DIY skills and materials, you can make your own motorized camera slider on a budget using things you likely already have at home.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through every step of building a motorized slider yourself using common household items. By the end, you'll have a super smooth and customizable camera slider to elevate your video productions.

Materials Needed

To build the camera slider, you'll need the following materials:

With these materials assembled, you're ready to start building your motorized camera slider!

Building the Base

The base provides a smooth and stable foundation for the slider. Here's how to construct it:

Step 1: Mark Rod Positions

Step 2: Drill Rod Holes

Step 3: Attach Rods

Mounting the Camera Platform

Now you need something for your camera to sit on that can smoothly slide along the rods. A small box or bin works perfectly.

Step 1: Attach Bearings

Step 2: Test Slider Motion

Step 3: Mount the Camera

Adding the Motor Drive

A motor system powers the back and forth motion automatically. Here's how to rig it up:

Step 1: Attach Pulleys

Step 2: Create Belt Loop

Step 3: Wire Up Switch and Power

Getting the Perfect Motorized Shot

After completing assembly, experiment with camera motion until you achieve seamlessly smooth panning video. Here are some tips:

With some practice, you'll be able to capture pro-level dolly shots, pans and tracking video using your DIY motorized camera slider! The possibilities are endless for creative video projects.


Building your own motorized camera slider is an easy and inexpensive way to get versatile panning shots for your videos. With simple household materials and basic DIY skills, you can construct a high-quality slider tailored to your needs.

The beauty is fully customizing and improving your slider over time. Add features like a controller for variable speed adjustment. Extend the length and try different motor powers to optimize motion. The options are unlimited for enhancing video production value on any budget.

So grab your tools and spare parts, follow this guide, and start motorizing your camera today! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I'm happy to help out. Now get filming and take your videos to the next level with smooth pro panning shots.