How to Make a Simple DIY Solar Powered Phone Charger With Household Items

Solar power is an amazing renewable energy source that can be harnessed to charge devices like phones using simple household items. With just a few common materials, you can build your own solar phone charger in no time.

Here's how I made my own DIY solar powered phone charger with things I already had around the house:

Gather the Needed Materials

To make the solar phone charger, you will need the following:

That's it for materials! Pretty much any small solar panel and power bank will work for this project.

Connect the Solar Panel to the Power Bank

The wiring for this DIY solar phone charger is very simple. You just need to connect the solar panel directly to the power bank.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. First, cut the end off of a USB cable. This will be used to connect the solar panel to the power bank. You want to cut it on the end that plugs into a device like a phone.

  2. Strip a half inch of insulation off the red (positive) and black (negative) wires inside the USB cable.

  3. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal on the solar panel. I just wrapped it around the connector and taped it in place.

  4. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal on the solar panel. Same as above, wrapped the wire and taped it.

  5. Plug the USB end of the cable into the power bank. The wiring is now complete!

At this point, your solar panel should be generating power and sending it directly to the power bank when in sunlight.

Mount the Solar Panel (Optional)

For the best sunlight exposure, you'll want to mount your solar panel. I used some cardboard and tape, but you could also attach it to something sturdier like wood.

To mount with cardboard:

That's it! Tape up any loose wires and your solar phone charger is ready for sun.

Using the Solar Phone Charger

The usage is very simple. Just take your DIY solar panel setup outside on a sunny day and:

Some tips for best performance:

And that's it! I was able to build this solar phone charger in an afternoon with stuff I already had at home. Now I have a renewable way to charge my phone anywhere the sun is shining. You can customize and enhance it however you like. Have fun going solar with DIY projects!