How to Make Your Home Electrical System Safer With These Simple Upgrades

How to Make Your Home Electrical System Safer With These Simple Upgrades

Improving the safety of your home's electrical system provides peace of mind and can prevent fires or shock hazards. With some simple upgrades and maintenance, you can protect your family and home. Here are ways to make your electrical system safer:

Inspect and Replace Old or Damaged Electrical Components

Inspecting your electrical panels, wires, outlets, switches, and junction boxes for damage helps identify potential risks. Look for:

Update Outdated Electrical Equipment

Upgrading outdated electrical equipment to meet modern safety standards helps prevent fires and shocks. Consider replacing:

Add Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

GFCIs shut off power instantly if abnormal current flows occur, preventing serious shocks. Recommended locations for GFCIs include:

Test GFCIs monthly by pressing their "test" button to ensure proper function.

Consider Installing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

AFCIs provide enhanced fire protection by monitoring electrical arcs along home wiring and breakers. Arcs can ignite insulation or surrounding material. Recommended locations for AFCIs include:

Have an electrician install AFCI breakers or outlets if your home lacks them.

Use Appropriate Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Choose light bulbs and fixtures suited to the location to prevent overheating:

Schedule Professional Electrical Inspections

Hire an electrician to thoroughly inspect your home's electrical system and spot any hidden risks. Professionals may identify:

Ask the electrician any questions you have about improving electrical safety. Address any significant issues found right away.

With routine DIY maintenance, targeted upgrades, and professional inspections, you can protect your home from electrical hazards. Prioritizing electrical safety provides peace of mind and prevents tragic accidents.