How to Make Your Own Small-Scale Wind Turbine from Scrap


Making your own small wind turbine from recycled materials is an excellent way to generate free renewable electricity. Small wind turbines can be built affordably using scraps and are simple enough for DIY hobbyists to construct. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk through all the steps, considerations, and tips for building your own scrap metal wind turbine from start to finish.

Choosing a Design

The most important factor when building a DIY wind turbine is choosing an appropriate design. Here are some key considerations when selecting a wind turbine design:

Rotor Type

For DIY projects, vertical axis turbines like Savonius or Darrieus models are recommended.

Number of Blades

Rotor Diameter

Generator Type

Once you've chosen a design, it's helpful to find DIY guides or schematics to reference during your build.

Materials and Tools Needed

Building a wind turbine from scrap requires creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some typical materials and tools you'll need:



Shop around junkyards, hardware stores, and your own garage to find suitable materials for free or on the cheap.

Key Steps for Assembly

Once you have the materials and design, you're ready to start building. Follow these key steps:

1. Create the Rotor

The rotor converts wind energy into rotational energy. Follow your plans to construct the blades and attach them securely to the hub. Balance and alignment are very important.

2. Build the Frame

The frame holds the whole structure together. Make sure it is sturdy and allows the rotor to rotate freely. Add a tail for proper wind orientation.

3. Attach the Shaft

The shaft connects the rotor to the generator. Use a straight rod with properly sized fittings. Mount bearings to allow smooth spinning.

4. Add the Generator

Connect a permanent magnet alternator or other generator to the spinning shaft. Ensure proper alignment and minimal friction.

5. Wire the System

Using proper gauges, connect the generator outputs to your charge controller, battery bank, and inverter as needed.

6. Test It Out!

Do some initial low-speed tests. If all goes well, it's time to position your turbine in the wind and start generating power!

Tips for Optimizing Performance

Here are some tips to help your scrap metal wind turbine perform as well as possible:

Don't get discouraged if it takes some tweaking to get your DIY wind turbine running perfectly. The satisfaction of generating your own power is well worth it!


Constructing small wind turbines from scrap materials makes renewable energy accessible for hobbyists and DIYers. Follow a proven plan, use sturdy and properly aligned parts, and optimize for your location. With some resourcefulness and creativity, you'll be generating free clean electricity from the wind in no time!