How to Make Your Own Wind Turbine From Scrap Materials

How to Make Your Own Wind Turbine From Scrap Materials


Building my own wind turbine from scrap materials is an exciting project that allows me to generate electricity from the wind. A wind turbine converts the kinetic energy in the wind into rotational mechanical energy. This rotational energy can then be used to generate electricity.

Constructing a wind turbine from scrap materials is a great way to repurpose old or recycled items that would otherwise go to waste. It also allows me to build an electricity generating system with minimal costs. In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how I can build my own small wind turbine using scrap materials readily available to me.

Materials Needed

To build a small wind turbine from scrap materials, I will need to gather the following items:

Tools Needed

To construct the wind turbine, I will need access to the following tools:

Step-by-Step Construction

Follow these steps to construct a small wind turbine from scrap materials:

Step 1 - Build the Rotor

The rotor consists of the blades and central hub.

Step 2 - Attach the Rotor to the Alternator

Step 3 - Make the Tail

The tail keeps the turbine facing into the wind.

Step 4 - Construct the Frame

Step 5 - Final Assembly

Generating Power

Once constructed and assembled, the wind turbine will begin generating electricity as the rotor spins in the wind. The performance will vary based on wind speed, blade size and alternator type. But even a small wind turbine can generate useful electricity to charge batteries or power lights.

Proper maintenance involves checking and tightening bolts occasionally. The system also requires protection from very high winds. But the wind turbine should run maintenance-free for years, providing clean renewable power from the wind.


Building a scrap-built wind turbine is an environmentally friendly way to generate free electricity from the wind. This project repurposes waste materials and requires minimal costs. With some basic mechanical skills and the steps outlined in this article, I can successfully construct my own small wind turbine from recycled parts. Harnessing the wind to produce my own renewable power is incredibly rewarding.