How to Overhaul Your Business’s Antiquated Fuse Box

How to Overhaul Your Business's Antiquated Fuse Box

Upgrading an outdated fuse box in your business can seem like a daunting task, but with some planning and care, it can be accomplished smoothly and safely. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I overhauled my business's antiquated fuse box.

Assessing the Current Fuse Box

The first step is to carefully inspect the current fuse box to determine why an upgrade is needed. Some signs that a fuse box overhaul is necessary include:

I looked over the fuse box in my shop and found several issues. The box was over 50 years old with screw-in fuses instead of breakers. There was some minor rust and water damage on the exterior. I also needed to add some new heavy-duty 240V circuits for new machinery, but the current box was full. It was clear a new system was needed.

Choosing the New Fuse Box

Once I decided to overhaul the fuse box, I researched the available options. Key factors to consider are:

For my shop, I calculated a total load of 200Amps to handle all the existing and new machinery. I selected a 24-space 200Amp indoor load center panel for about $250. This gave me room to grow.

Hiring an Electrician

Fuse box replacement is complex and potentially dangerous. I strongly advise hiring a licensed electrician for this project. Paying an expert is worthwhile to ensure safety and proper compliance with electrical codes.

I got quotes from 3 local electricians and checked reviews before selecting one. Be sure to get a detailed estimate in writing before work begins. Costs vary greatly based on needs. My 12-circuit 200Amp upgrade cost around $2000 total including parts and labor.

Preparing for the Fuse Box Upgrade

Once you have an electrician lined up, you can prepare by:

I scheduled my upgrade for a Sunday when my business was closed. I supplied the new panel and breakers I had purchased ahead of time. The electrician pulled the permit and brought additional supplies.

The Upgrade Process

Finally, it was time for the upgrade. The key steps my electrician followed:

I stayed on-site during the work to answer any questions. The electrician also took time to explain what he was doing and discuss the new setup.

Wrapping Up and Testing

Once the new fuse box installation was complete, the electrician checked his work thoroughly.

With my approval, he re-energized the system and methodically tested each circuit. All checked out perfectly.

I'm very happy with the new fuse box upgrade. The electrician also provided documentation showing it passed inspection, along with diagrams of the new circuit layout. My shop now has ample power and room for growth. Taking time to carefully plan and hire a professional really paid off.