How to Overhaul Your Business’s Antiquated Knob-and-Tube Wiring

I have an older commercial building that still has original knob-and-tube wiring. This antiquated electrical system can be a fire hazard and limits my ability to add new electrical circuits. Overhauling the building's wiring will bring it up to modern electrical code standards and allow for future expansion. Here's how I plan to overhaul the knob-and-tube wiring in my commercial space:

Assessing the Existing Knob-and-Tube Wiring

The first step is to thoroughly assess the existing knob-and-tube wiring throughout the building. An electrician can help with this process. We will need to:

This assessment will tell me the scope of the overhaul project and where rewiring is needed most.

Developing a Rewiring Plan

Once the assessment is complete, I will work with an electrician and engineer to develop a rewiring plan.

Implementing the New Electrical System

With a rewiring plan in place, it's time to overhaul the outdated wiring. I will hire a licensed electrician to complete the work safely. Here are the general steps:

Phase 1: New Electrical Service

Phase 2: Circuit-by-Circuit Replacement

Phase 3: Testing and Inspections

Maximizing the Benefits

By methodically overhauling the antiquated wiring, I can bring my building up to modern electrical standards. The benefits will include:

While certainly costly, overhauling the decades-old knob-and-tube wiring will provide vital safety and performance upgrades. With proper planning and phasing, the project can advance smoothly with limited disruption to my business operations.