How to Properly Dispose of Old Extension Cords

How to Properly Dispose of Old Extension Cords

Old extension cords can easily clutter your home. But rather than throwing them in the trash or letting them pile up in a drawer, consider eco-friendly ways to dispose of them properly. This guide will walk you through several options for responsibly getting rid of extension cords you no longer use.

Why Proper Disposal Is Important

Improperly discarding extension cords can lead to environmental and safety issues. Here's why it's important to dispose of them carefully:

Check Condition and Reuse Opportunities

Before disposing of extension cords, check their condition. Lightly used cords in good working order can often be reused or resold/donated rather than immediately discarded.

Recycling and Disposal Options

If cords are damaged or truly obsolete for you, use one of these responsible disposal options:


Recycling extension cords recovers metals and plastics for reuse rather than sending them to landfills.

Special Waste Disposal

Heavily damaged or hazardous cords may require special disposal methods:

Trash Disposal

As a last resort, you can dispose of extension cords in your regular household trash. But first:

Be a Conscientious Cord User

The best way to reduce cord waste is to prevent it in the first place by using cords responsibly:

With proper maintenance and responsible disposal habits, extension cords can serve useful purposes without needlessly harming the environment. Follow these tips to keep cords out of landfills and avoid potential safety hazards.