Rewiring electrical outlets in your home can provide significant safety and convenience benefits. However, it does require working with dangerous electrical current and should only be done with great care by those experienced with home electrical work. In this guide, I'll walk through the complete process to rewire outlets on your own quickly and safely.

Gather the Required Materials

Before beginning any electrical project, it's essential to have the proper tools and materials on hand. Here's what you'll need to rewire an outlet:

Having these tools and supplies ready will make the rewiring process go quicker and smoother.

Turn Off Power and Test

Before touching any electrical wiring, it's absolutely vital to turn off the power and verify that it is off. Here are the proper steps:

With the power safely off, you can now proceed with rewiring the outlet.

Remove the Existing Outlet

The next step is to remove the existing electrical outlet you'll be replacing with the new one. To do this:

With the old outlet removed, the wiring should now be fully accessible.

Examine the Wiring

At this point, take a moment to closely examine the existing wiring before touching or changing anything. Things to look for:

Understanding the wiring configuration you're working with is key for proper rewiring.

Extend the Electrical Box (If Needed)

In some cases, you may need to extend the depth of the electrical box in the wall to accommodate a new outlet. This is often necessary when replacing an old or damaged box.

To extend a recessed box:

With the box extended, you now have ample room for the new wiring and outlet.

Connect the New Outlet's Wires

Now comes time to connect the new outlet's wires to the existing wiring in the box. Follow these steps carefully:

Taking it slow and methodically will ensure proper electrical connections.

Secure the New Outlet

Almost done! It's now time to securely mount the new outlet into the electrical box:

With the outlet mechanically secured, the hard part is done!

Restore Power and Test

Once the new outlet is mounted into place, it's time to re-enable power and perform some safety checks:

Taking these simple steps will provide assurance your outlet was wired safely and correctly.

Additional Tips

Here are some extra pointers to further improve safety and functionality when rewiring outlets:


While rewiring electrical outlets requires working with dangerous wiring, having the proper knowledge, tools and safety focus allows even novice DIYers to modernize their home's outlets. The improved electrical safety and convenience are well worth the effort!