How to Reduce Your Commercial Electrical System Energy Costs by 30% This Year

How to Reduce Your Commercial Electrical System Energy Costs by 30% This Year

Reducing energy costs for commercial electrical systems can seem daunting, but it is achievable with some strategic planning and upgrades. Here are practical tips to cut your business's electrical expenses significantly this year.

Perform an Electrical Audit

The first step is conducting a thorough audit of your existing electrical infrastructure.

Look at Your Monthly Utility Bills

Inventory All Electrical Equipment

Consider an Energy Management System

An ENERGY STARĀ® certified EMS provides data to pinpoint waste and optimize electric load management. Advanced systems can automatically adjust lighting, temperature for occupancy and time of day.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting accounts for 12-35% of electricity consumption in commercial buildings.

Examine HVAC System Upgrades

Heating and cooling can consume over 40% of a commercial building's energy.

Evaluate Onsite Generation

Generating some of your own power can hedge against rising utility rates.

Involve Tenants in Conservation

Get occupants invested in reducing energy waste.

Continuously Monitor Usage Data

Ongoing tracking ensures efficiency gains stick.

With careful planning and execution, reducing commercial electrical costs substantially is within reach. A 30% or greater drop in energy use this year is attainable for most organizations. But it requires comprehensively auditing your building's systems, strategically upgrading the highest impact areas, and continuously monitoring progress. The investment will rapidly pay back in ongoing utility savings.