How to Repair a Broken Extension Cord

How to Repair a Broken Extension Cord

Assess the Damage

The first step when repairing a broken extension cord is to assess the damage. Carefully inspect the cord to determine exactly where and how it is damaged. Some things to look for:

Carefully running your hand along the entire length of the cord can help detect any damage or imperfections. Visually inspecting both sides of the cord is important to find any cuts, cracks or frays in the insulation.

Gather Supplies for Repair

Once you've identified the location and extent of damage to the cord, gather the necessary supplies to repair it. Basic supplies include:

Make the Repair

With your supplies gathered, you're ready to repair the damaged extension cord:

  1. Trim away any frayed or damaged insulation using the utility knife or wire strippers. Trim back far enough to reach solid, undamaged insulation.

  2. Strip away insulation on inner wires using wire strippers. Expose approx 1/2 inch of copper wire to reconnect.

  3. Reconnect the severed wires using twist-on wire connectors. Make sure insulation does not extend inside the connector. Alternately, use pliers to crimp a crimp connector.

  4. Wrap exposed sections of wire with electrical tape to add insulation. Wrap tightly and extend tape onto undamaged insulation.

  5. If needed, use heat shrink tubing to patch small insulation gaps or nicks. Cover damaged area fully with the tubing and apply heat to seal it.

  6. For connector or plug damage, replace the entire unit. Carefully detach old plug and attach wires to the new plug's terminals in the correct positions.

  7. Test the repaired cord before putting it back into use. Plug it in with no appliances attached and check for proper function.

Tips for Prevention

Here are some tips to help avoid damaging your extension cords in the future:

By following these prevention tips and properly repairing any damage, your extension cords can enjoy a long and safe operational life. Be sure to take your time making repairs and use the right materials to fix cords properly.