How to Repair Broken Electrical Wiring in Old Homes

How to Repair Broken Electrical Wiring in Old Homes

Inspect and Locate the Damage

The first step when repairing broken electrical wiring in an old home is to inspect and locate the exact spot of the damage.

Prepare the Wiring

Once you've located the damaged section of wire, it's time to prepare it for repair.

Splice in a New Section of Wire

To complete the repair, you'll need to splice in a new section of replacement wiring.

Secure the Wiring

The final step is to secure the repaired wiring to protect it from future damage.

With damaged wiring properly repaired, old electrical systems can be kept safe, reliable, and up-to-code. Always exercise extreme caution and turn off power when working with electrical wiring. Call an electrician for any complex or uncertain situations.

Safety Precautions

Working with electrical wiring poses serious safety risks, so take precautions:

Signs of Damaged Wiring

Watch for these common signs of damaged wiring:

When to Call an Electrician

In some cases, it's safest to call a licensed electrician: