How to Replace a Commercial Power Outlet Yourself and Save Money

How to Replace a Commercial Power Outlet Yourself and Save Money

I recently decided to replace a worn-out commercial power outlet in my office to improve safety and functionality. After getting quotes from electricians that were more than I wanted to spend, I decided to tackle this as a DIY project. Here's how I was able to replace a commercial power outlet myself and save a ton of money in the process.

Assessing the Existing Outlet

Before replacing the outlet, I needed to fully assess the existing one to determine if it truly needed replacement or could be repaired. Here are the steps I took:

Purchasing the Right Commercial Outlet

With the old outlet assessed, it was time to purchase the right replacement unit. Here's what I kept in mind:

Replacing the Outlet

With the circuit powered off, I was ready to replace the actual outlet. I took the following steps:

Restoring Power and Testing

The new outlet was installed, but I still needed to:

The outlet performed perfectly! I flipped the breaker off once more before returning the circuit to full power.


While replacing a commercial outlet requires working with dangerous live electrical wiring, I was able to safely install the new outlet and add protection with a GFCI model. I saved over $150 by doing this myself, and now have peace of mind knowing my office wiring is safer and up to code. Always exercise caution and turn power off before attempting any electrical work.