How to Replace Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

How to Replace Ceiling Fan Pull Chains


Replacing the pull chains on a ceiling fan is a relatively simple DIY project that can update the look of your fan. The pull chains control the fan speed and light, so over time they can become worn out or break. Replacing them is an easy way to refresh your ceiling fan. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk through all the steps needed and things to consider when replacing ceiling fan pull chains.

Things to Consider Before Replacing the Pull Chains

Before replacing your ceiling fan pull chains, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Type of Replacement Chains

Number of Pull Chains

Turn Off Power to the Fan

Before replacing the pull chains, be sure to turn off power to the fan at the breaker box. This prevents electric shock while handling the wiring.

Steps to Turn Off Power:

Remove the Existing Pull Chains

With the power off, you can now remove the old pull chains:

Repeat this for each of the pull chains.

Install the New Pull Chains

Once the old chains are removed, you can install the new pull chain replacements:

Attach the New Bead Chain

Re-Install Remaining Parts

Follow these steps for installing each new ceiling fan pull chain.

Restore Power and Test the New Pull Chains

Once all the new chains are installed, you can turn the power back on and test them:

If the new pull chains operate the fan light and speeds correctly, the replacement was successful! Enjoy your updated ceiling fan.

Common Questions about Replacing Pull Chains

Here are some frequent questions about changing out ceiling fan pull chains:

Are replacement pull chains universal?

Where can I buy replacement pull chains?

How do I pick the right length?

What if my ceiling fan has 4 pull chains?


Replacing old, worn out ceiling fan pull chains is an inexpensive and easy DIY upgrade. By turning off power, removing old chains, installing new replacements properly, and restoring electricity, you can refresh the look of your ceiling fan in just a short time. Matching the style and length of your existing pull chains ensures proper operation.