How to Replace Old Fuse Boxes with New Circuit Breakers

How to Replace Old Fuse Boxes with New Circuit Breakers

Replacing an old fuse box with a new circuit breaker panel is an important upgrade for homes built before the 1960s. While fuse boxes can provide solid electrical service for decades, upgrading to circuit breakers offers significant improvements in safety, convenience and capacity. This guide will walk you through the key steps for replacing a fuse box with circuit breakers.

Reasons to Upgrade from Fuses to Breakers

There are several good reasons to upgrade from an old fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel:




Steps to Upgrade to a Breaker Panel

Upgrading your electrical service to circuit breakers involves careful planning and execution. Be sure to follow local electrical codes and permit requirements. The main steps are:

1. Choose a Panel Location

2. Select a Panel Size

3. Install the New Panel

4. Connect Circuits to New Breakers

5. Inspect and Turn Power Back On

Added Benefits of a Breaker Panel Upgrade

Beyond the core safety and capacity benefits, upgrading your fuse box offers other nice perks:

So if your home still relies on an antiquated fuse box, replacing it with a modern circuit breaker panel should be high on your to-do list for essential electrical upgrades. The safety, convenience and flexibility benefits make it one of the smartest investments you can make in your home.