How to Replace Old Porch Light Fixtures

How to Replace Old Porch Light Fixtures


Replacing an old or damaged porch light fixture can update the look of your home's exterior and improve lighting and security. While it may seem daunting, replacing a porch light is an easy DIY project that most homeowners can tackle in an hour or two. In this guide, I'll walk you through the complete process of replacing an old porch light fixture, from picking the right new fixture and gathering the necessary tools, to removing the old light and installing the new one.

Things to Consider Before Starting

Before I dive into the step-by-step instructions, here are a few important things I needed to consider:

Type of Fixture

There are many different styles and types of porch lights to choose from. I needed to decide if I wanted a simple bare bulb fixture, a lantern style, or a more decorative fixture. My choice depends on the style and era of my home.

Location and Size

I measured the existing fixture to determine the appropriate size and proportions for the replacement. I also considered the location on my porch or entryway. A larger, brighter light is better suited to illuminate a front walkway, while a smaller, more decorative fixture can work well next to a front door.

Electrical Requirements

I checked the wattage of the existing bulb and purchased a replacement bulb accordingly. I also made sure the new fixture was rated for the same type of bulb. Most porch lights are designed for standard screw-in bulbs, but some may require halogen or other special bulbs.


I determined whether my existing porch light was hardwired or plugged into an outdoor outlet. For hardwired fixtures, the wiring would need to be handled properly during installation. Plug-in fixtures are simpler to switch out.

Gathering the Right Tools and Materials

Before starting work, I gathered the following tools and materials:

For a plug-in porch light, I just needed the basic tools. For a hardwired installation, I also needed:

Turning Off Power to the Fixture

Before removing my old porch light, I made sure to turn off the power at the circuit breaker. I used a voltage tester to double check that power was off. Working with live electrical wires can result in severe shock, so this step is crucial!

For outdoor circuits, I turned off the individual breaker labeled for outdoor lighting. If unsure, I turned off the main breaker panel to be safe.

Removing the Old Porch Light Fixture

With power off, I was ready to remove the old fixture:

  1. I used a step ladder to reach the porch light.
  2. I unscrewed any globes or glass covers from the fixture.
  3. I unscrewed the mounting bracket or other hardware connecting the fixture to the wall or ceiling.
  4. I disconnected the wiring from the back of the fixture. I carefully capped any exposed wires with wire nuts or electrical tape to avoid shock.
  5. Finally, I detached the fixture from the wall and brought it down from the ladder carefully.

If removing a hardwired fixture, I also had to:

Installing the New Porch Light Fixture

Once the old light was fully removed, I was ready to install the new fixture:

  1. First, I installed a new mounting bracket aligned with the old holes, anchoring it into the wall.
  2. For a hardwired fixture, I connected the bare fixture wires to the corresponding home wiring:
    • Black to black (hot wire)
    • White to white (neutral wire)
    • Green or copper to green/copper (ground wire)
  3. For extra security, I twisted the ends of the wires together with wire nuts. I also wrapped all connections with electrical tape.
  4. I secured the new fixture to the bracket following the manufacturer instructions.
  5. I inserted the new light bulb(s), taking care not to touch the bulbs directly.
  6. I attached any glass covers or globes that came with the new fixture.

If installing a plug-in fixture, I simply needed to insert the light's plug into the outdoor outlet after securing the fixture.

Turning the Power Back On

As the final step, I turned the porch light circuit back on at the breaker panel and tested that the new light worked! I checked for secure connections by gently tugging the light fixture. Finally, I stepped back and admired how my new porch light improved the look and illumination of my entryway.

Replacing an aging porch fixture is a straightforward project. By following proper safety precautions, gathering the right tools, and carefully connecting the new wiring, I was able to upgrade my exterior lighting both efficiently and safely. Just take it step-by-step, and you can enjoy a refreshed look and improved visibility on your porch or entryway.