How to Replace the Main Electrical Panel in Your Commercial Building

How to Replace the Main Electrical Panel in Your Commercial Building

Replacing the main electrical panel in a commercial building is a complex project that requires careful planning and execution. As the owner of the building, I walk through the key steps I took to successfully upgrade the outdated electrical system in my office complex.

Why Replace the Main Electrical Panel?

There were several reasons I decided to take on this major upgrade:

Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Completing electrical work on a commercial property always requires hiring a licensed professional. I researched contractors and received three quotes.

Key factors in choosing a contractor:

I selected Smith Electric because they were highly recommended and insured, with fair pricing.

Selecting the Right Electrical Panel

The contractor and I worked together to select the ideal panel for my building's needs:

Preparing the Project Site

Before starting demolition, the contractor and I took steps to prepare:

Proper planning prevented business disruptions and protected equipment.

Removing the Old Panel

With power disconnected, the contractor was ready to remove the outdated main breaker panel:

Removal went smoothly after thorough pre-inspection and wire disconnections.

Installing the New Panel

It was finally time to upgrade to the new Square D QO 200 amp panel:

With the heavy prep work done, the new panel was functional within a day.

Passing Final Electrical Inspection

Before signing off on the project, the local building department needed to:

The new panel passed inspection with no issues. Permits were signed off.

Lessons Learned

Upgrading the main electrical panel went smoothly thanks to:

The project was a success and I'm glad I invested to update to a safer, more robust electrical system.