How to Repurpose Old Garden Hoses into Novel Wiring Solutions

Reusing old materials in creative ways allows us to reduce waste while also saving money on projects. Garden hoses are a versatile item that can be repurposed for many uses around the home. With some simple steps, I transformed my worn-out garden hose into a useful set of wiring to power several outdoor lighting projects.

Gather Materials and Assess the Hose

The first step was to collect the needed materials:

I made sure to thoroughly inspect the hose for damage. Small cracks or holes could allow water to seep in and cause electrical issues. I looked for any rubber degradation, brittleness, cracks, holes, or other signs of wear. A visually intact hose is ideal for this project.

Cut the Hose into Long Strips

Once I found a suitable old but structurally sound garden hose, I used the wire cutters to cut long straight strips to be used as wiring:

Cutting the garden hose into long, straight strips created the basic material that I would turn into flexible outdoor wiring.

Strip the Plastic Covering from the Ends

With the hose cut into strips, I used the wire strippers to remove the plastic outer covering from both ends of each strip:

It's important to strip the plastic coating without cutting the rubber tubing so the internal wiring remains intact.

Attach Spade Terminals

Next, I used the spade terminal crimping tool to attach a spade terminal to each stripped end:

Attaching terminals allows each hose wiring strip to easily connect to other lights and fixtures.

Test Conductivity

Before going any further, I tested conductivity through each hose strip:

Verifying conductivity ensures my hose wiring will operate safely and properly when connected.

Weatherproof Connections

With each strip tested, I weatherproofed the terminals and connections:

Weatherproofing the connections will allow my hose wiring to stand up to the outdoor elements.

Run Hose Wiring to Lights

Finally, I attached my hose wiring to run between outdoor lighting fixtures:

The completed hose wiring cleanly powers my outdoor lighting while blending into the environment.

Repurposing a worn-out garden hose provided me with the flexible, durable wiring needed for lighting and power outside. With a little time and effort, I was able to transform trash into a useful tool for my projects. If you have an old hose, give wiring projects like this a try!