How to Repurpose Old Lamp Cords for Creative Home Projects

Old lamp cords often end up in the trash when redecorating or replacing lighting fixtures. However, these cords can be repurposed into many fun and creative projects to decorate your home. With a little imagination, lamp cords can be transformed into new useful items.

Gather Materials

Before beginning any lamp cord project, you will need to gather some basic materials:

Clean and Prepare Lamp Cords

Before repurposing, clean any dirt, dust, or grime off the lamp cords with a cloth and warm soapy water.

Use the wire strippers to remove any old lamp parts still attached, like light bulb sockets, switches, or plugs. Remove these first so you're left with the bare wiring.

If the cord's exterior plastic coating is cracked or frayed, cut away any damaged sections. Focus on keeping the inner wires protected.

Creative Lamp Cord Projects

Here are some creative ways to reuse old lamp cords to make decorative projects for your home:

Coiled Cord Bowls

Transform cord into a decorative bowl!

Decorate your cord bowl with spray paint, decoupage, or other embellishments. These bowls make great organizers on desks, counters, or tables.

Braided Cord Trivets

Protect surfaces from hot pots and pans with a braided cord trivet.

Get creative with your trivet colors and textures for a one-of-a-kind kitchen accent.

Woven Wall Hangings

Weave cord into an artistic wall hanging in endless pattern designs.

Experiment with different color combinations and textures for a unique wall accent.

Charging Station

Keep devices powered up with a DIY charging station made with lamp cord.

More Lamp Cord Project Ideas

For more inspiration, lamp cord can also be reused for:

Be creative and think outside the box for unique ways to repurpose lamp cord around your home. The possibilities are endless!