How to Reroute Underground Sprinkler Wires Without Digging

How to Reroute Underground Sprinkler Wires Without Digging

Having a properly functioning underground sprinkler system is essential for keeping your lawn and garden healthy and lush. But over time, the wiring under the ground can become damaged or need to be moved. The prospect of digging up your yard to access the wires can be daunting. Fortunately, there are methods to reroute underground sprinkler wires without all that back-breaking work.

Locating the Existing Wires

Before doing anything else, you need to identify the path of your existing sprinkler wires. Here are some tips for locating them:

Planning the New Wire Route

Once you've mapped out your existing wire route, you can determine the best path for the new rerouted wires. Here are some planning tips:

Installing New Wiring Trenches

Time to start digging! Here are some tips for cleanly installing your new wiring trenches:

Connecting and Testing New Wiring

You're on the home stretch now. Just make the new connections and test the system:

With some careful planning and strategic trenching, you can successfully reroute your sprinkler wiring without disturbing your entire landscape! Maintaining those wiring trenches over time will prevent having to dig everything up again down the road.