Assess the Existing Electrical System

Rewiring a century old farmhouse can be daunting, but with proper planning and precautions it can be done safely. The first step is to thoroughly assess the existing electrical system.

Inspect the Main Service Panel

Check Condition of Wiring

Assess Electrical Load Needs

Create a Rewiring Plan

With wiring inspection complete, create a plan for the rewiring project.

Establish Scope of Work

Obtain Necessary Permits

Budget and Select Materials

Safely Rewire and Update the Electrical System

With planning and permits ready, it's time to dive into the rewiring. Safety first!

Turn Off Power and Install New Service Panel

Run New Wiring and Outlets

Inspect and Turn Power Back On

Add Safety Features

Maintain the New Electrical System

Your farmhouse is now rewired with a safe, robust electrical system. Be sure to:

With proper maintenance, your updated wiring will provide safe, reliable power for the next 100 years! Let there be light without burning down the house.