How to Rewire Your 125 Year Old Home Without Burning it Down

Assess the Current Wiring

Before beginning any rewiring project on my 125 year old home, it's crucial that I fully understand the current state of the electrical system. Here are the key steps I should take:

Getting a handle on the existing system helps me develop a plan and budget for the rewiring project. It also identifies any immediate safety hazards to address.

Plan the New Wiring Strategy

With a sense of the current wiring's state, I can strategize my rewiring approach:

Safety Precautions During Rewiring

Once I have a solid wiring plan in place, I can move on to the rewiring itself. As I work, fire prevention should be my top priority:

Hiring a Licensed Electrician

While basic rewiring projects are doable for a dedicated DIYer, I may want to hire a professional electrician if:

Though pricier, a licensed pro brings:

A licensed electrician provides me invaluable peace of mind! I want to be absolutely certain my old home's new wiring is safe and legal.

Final Testing and Inspection

With the new wires run, I must thoroughly test and inspect everything before closing up the walls:

Taking this time ensures my years of effort and expense aren't wasted on shoddy and hazardous workmanship. I want my home rewiring done right!


While rewiring a 125 year old home has its challenges, carefully assessing the existing system, planning the new wiring strategy, taking vital fire precautions during the work, utilizing a licensed electrician when needed, and thoroughly testing the finished product will allow me to modernize my wiring without burning down a priceless piece of history!