How to Rewire Your 150 Year Old Farmhouse Without Burning it Down

Assess the Current Electrical System

When dealing with an old farmhouse that is likely over 150 years old, the electrical system is probably quite outdated and potentially hazardous. The first step is to carefully inspect the current wiring situation. Look for:

Take notes on all hazards found. This inspection will determine how much rewiring you'll need to do.

Develop a Rewiring Plan

Once you've assessed the current wiring situation, develop a plan for upgrades:

Hire a Licensed Electrician

Rewiring an old home has safety risks if done incorrectly. Work with a licensed electrician to:

What You Can DIY Safely

While the major electrical work should be handled by a professional, there are some rewiring tasks you may be able to safely DIY:

Stay Safe During the Rewiring Process

When rewiring an older home, safety should be your top concern:

Follow good safety practices and partner with a licensed electrician on major rewiring tasks, and you can successfully rewire your old farmhouse without burning it down!