How to Rewire Your 150 Year Old Home With Authentic Materials

As the proud owner of a 150 year old home, you likely want to preserve its historic charm while also upgrading it to modern electrical standards. Rewiring a home this old using authentic materials takes research, planning, and care. Here is an in-depth guide on how to update your wiring while maintaining your home's antiquity.

Assessing Your Home's Current Wiring

Before beginning any rewiring project, you'll need to thoroughly evaluate your existing electrical system. Here are some key steps:

Choosing Authentic Rewiring Materials

For an historically accurate rewiring job, select wiring and devices that closely match what would have been used originally:

Installing New Wiring and Components

When installing new wiring, focus on safely matching old methods and materials as much as possible:

By taking a thoughtful approach and sourcing authentic materials, you can recreate the original wiring methods used in your century old home. Always have licensed electricians handle the actual installation work. Pay strict attention to safety. With care and effort, your home can maintain its old-fashioned wiring charm for decades to come.