Assessing Your 1850s Gaslight System

As the proud owner of a historic 1850s home with original gas lamps, you have a beautiful piece of history to preserve. However, those old gas lines and fixtures likely need an upgrade for safety and efficiency. Before beginning any rewiring project, take time to fully assess your antique gas system.

Updating Your Gas Piping

After thoroughly evaluating your antique gas system, it's time to repipe. Upgrading old, potentially leaky pipes will make your system safer.

Rewiring Your Home’s Electric System

While repiping the gas lines, it makes sense to also upgrade the wiring for electricity. Though challenging in a historic home, rewiring improves safety and allows modern electrical capacity.

Evaluating the Existing Electrical System

Installing New Wiring and Circuits

Concealing New Wiring

Safety Precautions During Rewiring

Rewiring an antique gaslit home comes with inherent dangers. Stay diligent with safety to avoid catastrophe.

Preserving Historic Gaslight Fixtures

Even if converting your home to electric lights, the ornate gas fixtures can be preserved:

With proper planning and care, you can update the wiring and lighting in your 1850s home for 21st century living while still preserving its timeless Victorian spirit. By taking it slowly and enlisting professional help, your gaslight residence can safely shine bright for decades to come.