Assess the Existing Electrical System

Before beginning any rewiring project in my 19th century home, I need to thoroughly understand the existing electrical system. This includes:

Develop a Rewiring Plan

With a solid understanding of the existing system, I can develop a full rewiring plan that maximizes safety. This involves:

Selecting Suitable Materials

Planning New Circuits

Remove Old Knob and Tube Wiring

If my home contains original knob and tube wiring, full removal is the only safe option. This hazardous old wiring has:

To remove knob and tube wiring:

Install New Wiring and Components

With the old system removed, I can install completely new wiring:

Running Cables

Installing Devices

Testing and Turning Power Back On

Work Carefully and Seek Help When Needed

Rewiring an old home comes with considerable risks that require great care:

While rewiring my 19th century home is a major undertaking, careful planning, use of modern materials and safe working practices can ensure I avoid burning it down! By methodically removing old hazards like knob and tube and installing a new grounded system to code, I can finally bring my historical home up to modern electrical safety standards.