How to Rewire Your 20 Year Old Car and Avoid Costly Repairs


Replacing the aging wiring in your 20 year old car can dramatically improve reliability and avoid expensive electrical issues down the road. Rewiring a car may sound daunting, but with some planning, basic tools, and perseverance, it can be a manageable project. Here's how I successfully rewired my 1996 Honda Civic to keep it running for years to come.

Things You'll Need

Before starting, make sure you have the necessary supplies:

Planning the Rewire

Careful planning makes the rewiring process smoother:

Removing Old Wiring

Taking out the existing wiring is the first step:

Installing New Wiring

Now you're ready to run new wires:

Reconnecting Circuits

The final step is hooking up all the new wiring:

Testing and Troubleshooting

Be methodical when testing and fix any issues:

With attention to detail and by systematically working through each circuit, you can avoid headaches and be confident your rewiring job will last for years before the next overhaul is needed. Take your time and be thorough for best results.