Why Rewire Your Car?

Rewiring your car can seem daunting, but it allows you to upgrade your car's electrical system and add new electronics without paying mechanic shop fees. With some basic tools and patience, I can rewire my own car and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Here are some key reasons why I may want to rewire my car:

Safety Tips and Precautions

Before I start cutting into my car's electrical system, certain safety steps are critical:

Planning the New Wiring Layout

Jumping into wiring without a solid plan leads to frustration. Following a careful planning process ensures the rewire goes smoothly:

Step 1: Diagram the Existing Wiring

First, I need to understand how my car is currently wired. I remove interior panels and trace each wire, noting things like:

I draw diagrams showing wire routing to recreate later.

Step 2: Decide on New Electrical Components

Next, I determine what new electronics I want to add and where they will mount. Some examples are:

I consider how much power each device requires.

Step 3: Sketch the New Wiring Layout

Now I can map out how the new wiring will route through my car, integrating the new components. I draw clear diagrams showing:

Selecting the Right Wire Gauge

Selecting the proper wire gauge is critical so wires can handle the amp load without overheating. Some key factors when choosing wire size are:

I use online wire size calculators to determine the proper gauge for each circuit based on these factors.

Running and Terminating New Wires

Once my new wiring plan is set, I'm ready to run the new wires in my car. Here are some tips for neat and durable wiring:

Proper wire termination provides clean, reliable power transfer. Taking my time results in a wiring job built to last.

Useful Rewiring Products and Tools

Here are some handy products and tools I keep on hand for car rewiring projects:


With careful planning and attention to detail, I can complete a full car rewire on my own. While rewiring an entire car is an ambitious project, the electrical skills I gain are invaluable. The end result is upgraded electrical systems and big savings from avoiding shop labor rates. With my custom wiring job, I can install that high-end stereo system I've always wanted!