Rewiring a car may sound daunting, but with some basic knowledge, the right tools, and a methodical approach, I can rewire my car and save thousands of dollars in the process. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk through all the key steps and considerations for a DIY car rewiring project.

Reasons to Rewire Your Car

Here are some of the top reasons I may want to rewire my car:

Preparing for a DIY Rewiring Project

Before getting started, I need to make sure to take a few key steps to prepare:

Materials Needed

Necessary Knowledge and Skills

Prepare the Workspace

I will want to work in a clean, uncluttered area with good lighting. The car should be off the ground for easy access underneath. Have the right tools and supplies on hand before starting.

Step-by-Step Car Rewiring Process

With proper preparation, the process involves methodically removing the old wiring and installing the new harness. Here is an outline of the complete DIY car rewiring procedure:

Remove the Old Wiring

Install the New Wiring Harness

Reconnect Components

Troubleshooting and Refinement

Safety Tips for DIY Car Rewiring

Working with electricity demands caution. Here are some key safety steps:

Rewiring My Classic Mustang Saved Me $3,000

When I bought my 1969 Ford Mustang project car, the wiring was completely shot. Previous owners had made a mess of amateur-looking connections, extensions, and jury-rigged fixes over the car's 50+ year lifetime. Rather than try to salvage the rat's nest of old wiring, I opted to spend $650 on a complete harness kit and around 30 hours rewiring it myself over a weekend. Professional rewiring quotes started at $3,500 - so doing it myself saved me at least $3,000, probably more. While not an easy task, the feeling of accomplishment and savings made the long hours well worth it!


Rewiring a classic car or upgrading the wiring in a modern one does not have to mean an expensive shop bill. With some diligence and the right approach, I can rewire my car in my own garage and save thousands in the process. Understanding the electrical basics, having the proper tools, and following meticulous procedures allows a safe and successful DIY rewiring job. The money saved means more left over for future upgrades! Hopefully this guide gives you the confidence that rewiring your own car is an achievable DIY project.