How to Rewire Your Commercial Building on a Shoestring Budget


Rewiring a commercial building can be an expensive and daunting task, but with some planning and cost-cutting measures, it is possible to complete a rewire on a tight budget. As the owner of a small business, I have learned through first-hand experience how to tackle this large project without breaking the bank. In this article, I will provide an in-depth guide on how to rewire your commercial space while sticking to your limited budget.

Assess Your Current Electrical System

The first step is to thoroughly assess your current electrical system and determine what needs to be improved or replaced.

Thoroughly understanding the current state of your electrical system will allow you to determine the scope of the rewiring project and associated costs.

Create a Prioritized Rewiring Plan

Once you have assessed the electrical system, the next key step is to create a prioritized rewiring plan.

Creating a prioritized plan will provide a rewiring roadmap focused on necessities first while staying within your budget.

Take Advantage of Cost-Cutting Measures

When funded by a shoestring budget, cost-cutting is key. Here are some great ways to complete a commercial rewiring project on the cheap:

Purchase Supplies at Wholesale Supply Houses

Purchasing wiring, conduits, breakers and other electrical supplies at wholesale supply houses instead of big box hardware stores can greatly reduce material costs. Shop around to find a reputable electrical supply house that offers discounts.

Consider Refurbished or Salvaged Materials

Opt for refurbished breakers, switches and other materials whenever possible. Check local salvage yards for used wire and conduit in good condition.

Take Advantage of Energy Efficiency Rebates

Many utility companies offer rebates for upgrading to energy efficient lighting and equipment. Replace outdated items with LED lighting and EnergyStar certified appliances to take advantage of these rebates and save energy.

Handle Demolition and Simple Tasks Yourself

Don't pay for labor on simple tasks - handle basic demolition, running and securing new wiring yourself. Just be sure to get the required permits and have final connections handled by licensed electricians.

Hire Apprentice Electricians

Consider hiring apprentice or beginner electricians who are professionally licensed but charge lower hourly rates. Be sure they work under the supervision of a master electrician.

Taking advantage of these cost-cutting measures can help you complete a commercial rewiring project on a limited budget.

Prioritize Safety

It is crucial when undertaking any electrical project yourself to make safety the top priority. Be diligent in getting required permits, following local codes and having licensed electricians handle complicated or dangerous tasks. Select materials carefully, use caution when working with live wiring and be sure to properly ground all new wiring and equipment. Rewiring done incorrectly can create major safety hazards - always put safety first, even with a limited budget.


Rewiring a commercial building is a major undertaking, but it can be accomplished even with a shoestring budget. The keys are thoroughly assessing your current system, creating a cost-effective plan targeting necessities first, taking advantage of all possible cost-cutting measures, and prioritizing safety above all. With some planning, diligence and cost-consciousness, you can give your commercial electrical system an affordable upgrade. Let my budget rewiring tips help you improve your business's wiring without breaking the bank.