How to Rewire Your Entire Home in Just One Weekend (On a Budget!)


Rewiring your entire home may seem like an intimidating task, but with some planning and dedication, it can be done in a single weekend - even on a budget! As a homeowner who recently rewired my house by myself, I learned a lot about how to tackle this project efficiently and affordably. In this guide, I'll share everything I learned so you can rewire your home in a weekend too.

Develop a Plan First

Before buying any materials or getting started, develop a detailed plan. This will make the project go much smoother once you begin. Here are some key things your plan should include:

Purchase Supplies Within Your Budget

Once your plan is set, buy all the necessary supplies while keeping costs down. Here are some tips:

Safely Prep the Home's Electrical System

With supplies in hand, take safety precautions and prep the electrical system:

Install New Wiring and Components

Now comes the big task - installing all the new wiring and electrical components room-by-room:

Inspect, Test, and Restore Power

You're almost done! Double check your work and restore power safely:


While rewiring an entire house is challenging, proper planning and preparation makes it feasible even for DIYers on a budget. Work safely, be diligent in your wiring methods, adhere to codes, and don't hesitate to consult an expert electrician when needed. Your home's new modern electrical system will provide peace of mind for years to come.