How to Rewire Your Entire Home in One Afternoon

Rewiring your entire home in a single afternoon is an ambitious project that requires careful planning and preparation. As a homeowner, I decided to take on this daunting task myself. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I was able to rewire my entire house in one afternoon.

Assessing the Electrical System

Before beginning any electrical work, it's crucial to thoroughly assess the existing wiring.

Researching Permit Requirements

Creating a Home Electrical Plan

Inspecting the Electrical Panel

Testing Outlets and Lighting

Preparing for the Rewire

With the diagnostic complete, it was time to get ready for the main event.

Organizing Tools and Materials

Scheduling Time Off Work

Turning Off Power at the Panel

Establishing a Temporary Power Source

Rewiring the House

With preparations complete, I was ready to get to work rewiring.

Running New Wiring and Outlets

Installing GFCI Outlets

Upgrading the Electrical Panel

Labeling All Circuits

Testing Circuits Before Turning Power On

Restoring Power and Finishing Touches

Once the new wiring was installed and tested, it was safe to turn the power back on.

Turning Power Back On at Panel

Installing Wall Plates and Light Fixtures

Cleaning Up and Securing Exposed Wiring

Testing GFCIs and Smoke Detectors


While rewiring an entire house in one day requires extensive planning and effort, it can be accomplished. The result is a safer, more modern electrical system able to handle all of a home's wiring needs. Taking proper precautions and following local codes makes a challenging DIY project completely doable. The sense of accomplishment makes it worthwhile.