How to Rewire Your Entire Office Building in One Weekend

Rewiring an entire office building in a single weekend may seem like an impossible task, but with the right planning, tools, and dedicated effort, it can absolutely be done. As the building owner and weekend warrior taking on this massive project, I've put together this comprehensive guide to walk through all the key steps I took to successfully rewire my office from top to bottom in just two days.

Develop a Strategic Rewiring Plan

The first and most crucial step is to develop a strategic plan for systematically rewiring the building section-by-section. Here are the key elements my plan included:

Ready the Building

To maximize efficiency during the actual rewiring weekend, I spent several weekends beforehand getting the building ready:

Rewire Section-by-Section

With strategic prep in place, I was ready to methodically rewire the building section-by-section over the intense two day rewiring marathon. Here were the key steps:

Outlets and Switches


Electrical Panel

Network and Phone

Cleanup and Inspection

As wiring each section was completed, I immersed in intensive cleanup to keep the building safe and accessible:

Finally, I hired an experienced electrician to inspect all rewiring work to ensure it is properly grounded, connected, and 100% safe.

Let There Be Light!

When that final inspection came back all clear, I flipped on the main power supply, said a prayer, and was thrilled to see bright, successful illumination! My office building rewire against all odds was a shining success ready for business on Monday morning.

So with dutiful planning, diligent preparation, methodical execution, and lots of caffeine and willpower, rewiring an entire office building in one weekend is entirely possible. Just be sure to enlist help, stay organized, take all precautions, and be ready for an intense two days!