How to Rewire Your Home and Add Convenience Without Breaking the Bank

Rewiring a home can seem like an intimidating and expensive project, but with some planning, it doesn't have to break the bank. As someone who has rewired my own home to add more outlets and upgrade the electrical system, I learned a few key things that helped me complete the project on a budget. Here's my guide on how to rewire your home affordably.

Understanding the Basics of Home Electrical Systems

Before deciding what to rewire, it's important to understand the basics of how home electrical systems work. Here are a few key things to know:

Determining What Needs Rewiring

Before rewiring, inspect your electrical system to determine problem areas or upgrades needed:

Buying the Right Materials

The materials you'll need depend on the scope of your rewiring project. Here are the essentials:

Shop sales and surplus stores to get quality materials at discounted prices. Buying in bulk can also save money.

Safety Tips for Rewiring

Working with electricity can be dangerous. Protect yourself by following these guidelines:

Doing the Work Yourself

If you're comfortable working with electrical systems, rewiring yourself can save thousands over hiring an electrician. Follow these tips:

Hiring a Professional

For large-scale rewiring jobs or if you're not confident DIYing it, hiring a pro electrician is worth the cost:

Get multiple estimates to find a competitively priced electrician you trust.


With the right planning and cost-saving measures, you can upgrade your home's electrical system without busting your budget. Evaluate your needs, buy materials smartly, focus on one circuit at a time, and don't be afraid to DIY small projects. For large upgrades, hire a licensed pro for safety and proper implementation. With improved wiring, you'll gain convenience, safety and added value in your home.