Rewiring a home can be an intimidating and expensive project, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, I will walk you through a little-known technique that allowed me to completely rewire my home and save thousands in the process.

Assess Your Current Wiring

Before deciding to rewire, the first step is to thoroughly assess the current electrical system in your home. Look for:

Outdated wiring

Signs of problems

Safety issues

If any hazardous wiring is found, it likely means a total rewire will be required.

Research Local Electricians

While a total rewire is a huge project, hiring an electrician to do everything is extremely expensive. The key money-saving technique is to do the demolition work yourself, and then hire an electrician for the actual wiring installation.

Get quotes

Vet electricians

Price compare

Demo and Prepare for Rewire

Doing the demolition work yourself can save tens of thousands vs paying an electrician for it.

Shut off main breaker

Remove old wiring

Open access

Source new materials

Hire Electrician for Install

Now the real savings start - you've saved on demolition costs by doing it yourself, and saved on material costs by buying directly.

Labor only installation

New wiring basics

Full rewire


Future Proof Home Wiring

Once the rewire is complete, you'll gain immense peace of mind knowing your home's electrical system is totally modernized for safety and heavy usage.

Added capacity




By taking on the demolition work yourself and sourcing materials directly, you can save tens of thousands in costs on a needed full home rewire. And you gain invaluable safety, capacity, and value upgrades by modernizing your electrical system. Use this savvy technique for your next rewire project.