How to Rewire Your Home With Hemp Wick

How to Rewire Your Home With Hemp Wick

What is Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is a string made from hemp fibers that is coated with beeswax. It is used as a lighter for smoking cannabis and other herbs.

The main benefit of using hemp wick over a regular lighter is that it doesn't produce any of the toxic byproducts released by butane lighters. When you use a regular lighter to ignite your bowl, you end up inhaling small amounts of butane along with the smoke. Butane can irritate your throat and lungs. Hemp wick avoids this issue by providing a pure, clean burn.

Hemp wick also allows you to taste the full flavor of your cannabis or herbs without any lighter fluid aftertaste. It provides a much more pleasant smoking experience overall.

Why Rewire Your Home with Hemp Wick?

There are a few key reasons why you may want to rewire your home with hemp wick:


Hemp wick is a safer alternative to using lighters around the house. There's no open flame or risk of explosions/fires like with butane lighters. Hemp wick simply smolders when lit, making it much safer.


Having hemp wick stationed around the house allows you to easily light candles, incense, or bowls wherever you are. It's a convenient hands-free way to keep lighters in key spots.

Cost Savings

Hemp wick is very inexpensive compared to constantly buying disposable lighters. A single roll can last for months or even years. This saves you money in the long run.

Health Benefits

As mentioned previously, hemp wick offers health advantages over butane by avoiding inhalation of toxic fumes. It provides purer inhalation of smoke/vapors.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some people simply enjoy the rustic, natural look of hemp wick decorating the home. It can add some cozy flair to your living space.

Getting Started: Materials Needed

Rewiring your home with hemp wick is simple. Here are the materials you'll need:

Choosing Where to Install Your Hemp Wick

When deciding where to install hemp wick, consider the main spots where you light candles, incense, or bowls. Key areas may include:

Ideally, position your hemp wick in close proximity to where you need to use it. But keep it safely away from flammable materials.

Installing Your Hemp Wick

Installing hemp wick is very straightforward:

  1. Cut a length of hemp wick about 1-2 feet long. Longer for bigger rooms.

  2. Affix one end to the chosen surface using a thumbtack, command hook, or adhesive.

  3. Wrap the rest of the wick loosely around something like a candle holder, ashtray, or vase - whatever fits best on your surface. This stores the excess wick neatly.

  4. Light the wick end using a lighter/match to prime it for use. Blow out the flame so it's smoldering.

  5. When needed, simply pull the wick out to ignite candles, bowls, etc. The smoldering end provides an instant flame.

  6. Give the wick a test pull to ensure it unravels smoothly before leaving it.

Install lengths of hemp wick in other areas of the home as desired using this method. Keep lighters or matches handy to re-light the wicks when they go out. Enjoy your safer, convenient heating solution! Let me know if you have any other questions.