How to Rewire Your Home With Obsolete and Forgotten Methods


Rewiring a home can be an intimidating task, but with some basic knowledge of electrical systems and a willingness to learn obsolete methods, a DIY rewire is possible. In this article, I will walk through how to rewire a home using outdated and forgotten techniques that do not require advanced skills or modern tools.

Reasons to Consider a Retro Rewire

Here are some key reasons why you may want to take a vintage approach to rewiring your home:

Gathering Vintage Electrical Supplies

Some of the outdated electrical supplies you'll need include:

Vintage Wiring Techniques

Here are some of the bygone electrical methods you can employ for your retro rewire:

Knob and Tube Wiring

This involves running electrical wires through ceramic knobs fastened to structural framing and through protective tubes where wires cross open spaces.

Cloth-Insulated Wiring

For this old-fashioned technique, conductors are insulated with wrapped cloth tape and drawn into metal conduits:

Gas Pipe Wiring

Iron gas pipes can be retrofitted as protective housings for electrical wiring:

Vintage Wall Sconces

For historically-styled light fixtures:

Installing an Era-Appropriate Fuse Box

Finish off your vintage rewire by installing a period fuse box:


Rewiring your home with outdated methods requires patience and diligence, but can be very rewarding. Just be sure to educate yourself thoroughly beforehand and take all necessary precautions when handling antique electrical systems. Done properly, a vintage rewire can provide a unique decorative element while teaching you priceless old-school electrical skills.