How to Rewire Your Home without an Electrician and Save Thousands


Rewiring a home can seem like an intimidating task, but with proper planning and safety precautions, it's possible for a handy homeowner to rewire their house and save thousands of dollars in electrician fees. I have successfully rewired my entire home without hiring an electrician, and I will share everything I learned in this comprehensive guide on how to rewire a home safely as an amateur.

Reasons to Rewire Without an Electrician

Here are some of the main reasons I chose to rewire my home myself:

However, this is only recommended for homeowners who are very handy and take safety seriously. Improper electrical work can cause fires or electrocution.

Preparing to Rewire

Complete preparation is key to a smooth rewiring project. Here are the steps I took before getting started:

Doing the Demolition

With power off and the house prepped, it's time to gut the place. Here is the demolition process I followed:

Running the New Wiring

Once demolished down to the studs, it's time to run the new electrical system:

Installing New Outlets, Switches and Fixtures

With the wires run, it's time to install the components:

Rebuilding and Finishing the Walls

Now that the electrical is complete, the final step is closing it all up:

Final Tips

Rewiring your home is very rewarding but also dangerous if not done with care. Here are a few final safety tips:

Let me know if you have any other rewiring questions! I'm happy to share more details of my experience. Just take your time and focus on safety. You can DIY it and save big.