How to Rewire Your Home Without an Electrician (And Save Thousands)


Rewiring a home can seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and safety precautions, it's possible for a homeowner to take on this project and save thousands of dollars in electrician fees. As someone who has rewired my entire house on my own, I've learned a lot through the process and want to share my tips for how to rewire a home safely and successfully without hiring a professional.

Reasons to Rewire

There are several good reasons you may want to rewire your home:

Preparing for a Rewire

Before getting started, make sure you understand your home's current wiring and have a plan for the rewire.

Safety Tips

Rewiring a home comes with electrical dangers if safety is not taken seriously. Follow these tips to stay safe:

Step-by-Step Rewire Process

With safety and preparation taken care of, you're ready to get to work. Follow these steps to systematically rewire your home:

1. Turn Off Power

Shut off the main breaker and verify power is off throughout the house. Turn off individual breakers as well.

2. Remove Old Wiring

3. Install New Wiring Pathways

4. Run New Circuits

5. Connect Switches and Outlets

6. Connect Circuits at the Panel

7. Inspect and Test Circuits

8. Update Permits and Documentation

Final Considerations

With the technical rewiring complete, finish the project by thinking about:

Rewiring a home is very rewarding when done correctly. Take your time, be cautious of hazards, and don't be afraid to call a professional if any part of the project feels unsafe over your head. Your improved electrical system will provide peace of mind and added home value for years to come.