How to Rewire Your Home Without An Electrician and Save Thousands


Rewiring a home can seem like a daunting task. Most homeowners think it requires hiring an expensive electrician. However, with some basic electrical knowledge and the right tools, you can rewire your home safely and legally without an electrician and save thousands of dollars.

I recently rewired my entire house on my own over several weekends. Here is how I did it and how you can too.

Reasons to Rewire Without an Electrician

Here are some of the main reasons I chose to rewire my home myself:

Save Money

Hiring an electrician to rewire a home can cost $10,000 or more. I was able to rewire my entire house for less than $2,000 in materials. That's a savings of over $8,000.

Gain Valuable Electrical Skills

By doing the work myself, I learned so much about electrical systems, wiring methods, and safety procedures. These skills will help me be more knowledgeable and self-sufficient for all future electrical projects.

Customize the Rewiring

Electricians typically do the minimum amount of work required. By doing it myself, I was able to add extra circuits, better organize the wiring, and upgrade certain elements like the electrical panel.

Enjoy a Sense of Accomplishment

It was deeply satisfying to complete such a major DIY home project successfully. I gained confidence in my abilities and now know I can tackle ambitious electrical projects.

How to Learn Electrical Basics

Before beginning a rewiring project, you need to educate yourself on residential electrical systems. Here are some ways I learned what I needed to know:

The more time you spend learning in advance, the smoother your rewiring project will go. Don't skimp on the research phase!

Creating a Rewiring Plan

After building your electrical knowledge, next create a detailed plan for the rewiring project:

Having a solid plan prevents having to make multiple trips to the hardware store and reduces mistakes. I spent several weeks mapping out every aspect of the rewiring before starting.

Obtaining the Right Tools and Materials

Rewiring a house requires having the correct tools and materials on hand. Here are some of the essentials I purchased:

Buy commercial-grade materials made for permanent installs, not cheap contractor packs. For materials, I created a detailed spreadsheet so I knew exactly how much of everything to buy.

Safety First!

Safety should be your top priority. Here are some key safety steps:

Proceeding cautiously and deliberately helped me avoid electrical shocks, falls, cuts, and other hazards. Never rush or take risky shortcuts - it's just not worth endangering your safety.

Step-by-Step Rewiring Process

The general process I followed to rewire my home room-by-room was:

  1. Turn off power and install temporary lighting
  2. Remove old wiring, receptacles, switches, etc.
  3. Plan new circuit layouts as needed
  4. Install new electrical panel if required
  5. Run new wiring and conduit
  6. Install new receptacles, switches, fixtures
  7. Terminate wires at panel
  8. Turn power back on and test circuits
  9. Add finishes like insulation, drywall, trim
  10. Obtain final inspection

It took me 6 full weekends to complete the rewire of my 2,000 sq ft home. Expect it to be a slow, methodical process if done properly.

Calling for Inspections

After completing the rewiring, local building codes require having it inspected before turning the power back on. The inspector will check for:

I was nervous, but the inspector passed my DIY rewiring with flying colors. Don't skip permitting and inspections, even if you're doing the work yourself.

Helpful Rewiring Tips

Here are some helpful tips I learned from my firsthand experience:


While rewiring a house is very ambitious, it can successfully be DIYed if you educate yourself, create a solid plan, use extreme caution, and get proper inspections. I saved thousands of dollars, gained invaluable skills, and improved my home's electrical safety. With vigilance and persistence, you can rewire your house without an electrician too. Let me know if you have any other questions!