Rewiring a home can seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and safety precautions, it is possible for a homeowner to rewire their house themselves and save thousands of dollars in electrician fees. I took on rewiring my 1,500 square foot home all by myself and saved over $5,000 in the process.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through all the steps needed to rewire a home safely and legally without hiring a professional electrician.

Reasons For Rewiring

There are several reasons you may need or want to rewire your home:

Dangers of Home Electrical Work

Before deciding to DIY your home rewiring, understand the risks involved:

Safety First When Rewiring

Follow these tips to safely rewire your home without injury:

Challenges of Rewiring Without an Electrician

DIY electrical work is difficult. Be prepared for:

Cost Savings

Hiring an electrician is expensive. Here are typical electrician costs for common rewiring jobs:

As you can see, major rewiring projects cost tens of thousands if you pay an electrician.

By doing it yourself, you only pay for materials which often run:

That's at least $5,000 in savings on a full rewire job by being your own electrician!

Step-by-Step Guide to Rewiring Your Home

Follow these steps to successfully rewire your house without an electrician:

Step 1 - Create a Wiring Plan

Step 2 - Assemble Materials

You will need:

Step 3 - Prep the Building

Step 4 - Run New Wires

Step 5 - Install Outlets, Switches and Fixtures

Step 6 - Connect Wires to Service Panel

Step 7 - Testing and Cleanup

Step 8 - Pass Inspection

And that's it! Follow those steps and you can safely rewire your home without paying an electrician a fortune.

Tips for Rewiring Your Home Yourself

Here are some additional tips to make your DIY rewiring project go smoothly:


Rewiring an entire house seems intimidating but can be tackled successfully as a DIY project. Just take proper safety precautions, educate yourself on electrical systems, create a good plan, take your time and don't cut corners.

While the process is labor intensive, the thousands of dollars in cost savings are well worth the effort. By following this guide you can gain the satisfaction and savings of rewiring your home without the expense of an electrician.