Rewiring your home can seem like a daunting task, but with some planning and basic electrical knowledge, I was able to rewire the outlets and switches in my home for under $100. While working with household electricity always carries some risk, the steps below will help you update the wiring in your home safely and affordably.

Things You Will Need

Before getting started, I gathered the necessary materials:

In total, these supplies cost me around $60 at the hardware store. I already had some basic tools like the screwdriver and stud finder.

Turning Off Power and Removing Old Wiring

Safety is paramount when working with electrical wiring. Before doing anything else:

Be sure to note any ground wires and separate neutral/hot wires as you remove them. We will need to replicate these wire connections in the new electrical boxes.

Running New Wiring

Now the fun part - running the new wires through the house:

Take it slow and be methodical as you work your way through the room.

Connecting Switches and Outlets

With the new wire run, it's time to add the switches and outlets:

Refer to the manufacturer's wiring diagrams for guidance on proper connections.

Return Power and Test

Once everything is connected, it's time to finish up:

Take your time with the testing to catch any issues before closing up all the walls. Consider leaving wall plates off for a day or two as an extra precaution when checking for problems.

Final Thoughts

While not necessarily a beginner project, rewiring a room is very doable for a handy homeowner. The most important steps are turning power off, running wires neatly through studs, making solid electrical connections, and thoroughly testing your work. Taking precautions will allow you to refresh the wiring in your home and gain valuable electrical experience.