How to Rewire Your Home Without Calling an Electrician

How to Rewire Your Home Without Calling an Electrician


Rewiring a home can seem like an intimidating task, but with the right preparation and safety precautions, it's possible for a homeowner to rewire their house without hiring an electrician. As someone who has rewired my own home, I've learned a lot through the process and want to share my experience to help others feel empowered to take on this type of project.

Reasons to Rewire

There are several reasons why you may need or want to rewire your home:

Dangers and Precautions

Electrical work presents some inherent dangers that require safety precautions:

Planning Your Rewire Project

Careful planning is crucial for a successful rewire project. Important steps include:

Research building codes

Consider layout changes

Develop a materials list

Pull permits

Turn off power

Take photos

Installing New Wiring

Once you have prepped for the project, it's time to install the new wiring. Key steps include:

Running wire through walls

Securing wires

Labeling circuits

Making safe connections

Mounting outlets and switches

Connecting devices

Wrapping Up the Project

Once the new wiring is installed, there are still some important steps to follow:

Testing circuits

Installing wall plates

Upgrading breaker panel

Closing permits

Adding surge protection

By following safety precautions and doing careful planning, a DIY electrical rewire project can successfully upgrade the wiring in your home. While challenging, the ability to do it yourself can save thousands of dollars in electrician fees.