How to Rewire Your Home Without Hiring an Electrician

How to Rewire Your Home Without Hiring an Electrician


Rewiring a home can seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and safety precautions, it's possible for a homeowner to do it themselves without hiring an electrician. As someone who has rewired parts of my home, I've learned a lot through experience and research. In this guide, I'll walk through the complete process of rewiring a home safely and legally without professional help.

Reasons to Rewire

Here are some common reasons you may need to rewire your home:

Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

While rewiring a home as a DIY project can save money, there are risks involved if proper precautions are not taken:

Preparing for a Rewiring Project

Careful planning and preparation is crucial before starting a DIY rewiring project. Here are some key steps to take:

Safety Tips

Rewiring a house involves dealing with dangerous high voltage electricity. Make safety your top priority:

Removing Old Wiring

The first major stage of rewiring is removing the old electrical wiring from the home:

  1. Turn off power at the main breaker then double check it's off with a voltmeter.

  2. Open the main electrical service panel and remove all the circuit breakers.

  3. Go around the house removing all cover plates from switches and outlets.

  4. Remove the screws holding outlets and switches in their electrical boxes and detach them from the wires.

  5. Carefully pull the wires out of each box, make note of wire colors and connections for reinstallation.

  6. Coil up wiring as you remove it, so it doesn't get tangled.

  7. Disconnect wires from all ceiling electrical boxes for lighting fixtures.

  8. Check that all wiring is fully removed from the house.

  9. Finally, pull the wires out of the main service panel and remove them.

Installing New Wires

Once the old wires are removed, the new replacement wiring can be installed:

Connecting Circuit Breakers

The final stage is installing the new circuit breakers and connecting all the new wiring in the main panel:

Testing and Inspections

With all the new wiring completed, thoroughly test and inspect it:


While rewiring an entire home is an ambitious project for a DIYer, it's certainly achievable with proper planning, safety precautions, adherence to electrical code, and attention to detail. Always obtain the necessary permits, have an initial wiring plan mapped out, and be prepared to problem solve issues as they arise. Reward yourself when you finally turn the main breaker back on and see all your hard work come to life!