Understanding Electrical Systems

Rewiring a home's electrical system is a complex project that requires an understanding of electrical systems and safety procedures. As the homeowner, I need to educate myself thoroughly before attempting a full rewire.

I should start by learning about the key components of a residential electrical system:

I need to understand how these components work together to safely deliver electricity throughout a home.

Dangers of Rewiring Without Experience

Before deciding to rewire my home, I need to seriously consider the dangers involved with inexperienced people doing electrical work:

I should thoroughly research safety procedures and decide whether I feel capable of safely performing this complex project. Retaining a licensed electrician may be a smarter and safer choice.

Necessary Skills and Knowledge

If I decide to attempt the rewiring project myself, there are certain skills and knowledge I will need:

Without broad knowledge and experience in these areas, the rewiring project could be extremely difficult and hazardous. I may wish to take electrical training courses and gain experience under a licensed electrician's supervision before attempting this on my own.

Step-by-Step Rewiring Process

If I am fully prepared to safely rewire my home, the basic process will be:


Wiring Removal

New Wiring Installation

Testing and Completion

Rewiring an entire home is a monumental task. Unless I have broad electrical knowledge and experience, I may be far better off hiring a licensed electrician to ensure the job is done properly and safely. Attempting extensive rewiring without expertise puts myself, my family and my home at serious risk.