How To Rewire Your Home's Outlets For Faster Charging Without An Electrician

Why You May Want to Rewire Outlets for Faster Charging

Many of us are using more devices that need regular charging, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The electrical outlets in most homes are only designed to deliver 15 amps, which can make charging slow. Rewiring to allow for 20 amp circuits can significantly speed up charging times. This allows your devices to draw more power and charge faster. Upgrading your outlets is a relatively easy DIY project that does not require hiring an electrician, as long as you follow important safety guidelines.

Safety Considerations

Before rewiring any electrical outlets, keep these safety tips in mind:

What You'll Need

Gather the following tools and supplies before starting:

Steps to Rewire Outlets

Follow these key steps to safely rewire outlets for faster charging:

1. Turn off power and verify it's off

Locate the relevant circuit at the breaker box. Flip the breaker to the OFF position. Verify power is off by testing outlets with a multimeter or voltage tester.

2. Remove existing 15 amp outlet

Unscrew the outlet cover plate and outlet mounting screws. Carefully remove the outlet from the electrical box without touching wires.

3. Install new 20 amp outlet

Connect the wires to the new 20 amp outlet properly. Usually it's black to brass, white to silver, and green to green.

4. Replace 15 amp breaker with 20 amp

Find the correct 15 amp breaker in the box and swap it out for a compatible 20 amp breaker.

5. Test the new outlet

Restore power and test that the outlet is working properly before using. Verify correct polarity and grounding.

6. Add outlet cover plate

Screw on a new cover plate matched to the new 20 amp outlet. Avoid over-tightening.

Tips for a Successful Outlet Rewire

Here are some additional tips to help your outlet rewiring go smoothly:

Safely Enjoy Faster Charging

Upgrading electrical outlets is a worthwhile DIY project for faster charging. But be sure to always exercise extreme caution when working with electrical wiring. Following proper safety procedures helps ensure you can rewire outlets and enjoy faster charging speeds without an electrician.