How to Rewire Your Old Garden Shed for Under $50

Upgrading an old garden shed can seem daunting, but with some planning and elbow grease, it's possible to rewire one on a budget. Here's how I was able to rewire my shed for under $50.

Assess the Existing Wiring

The first step is to take stock of the existing electrical system in your shed. Here's what I did:

This assessment helped me understand what I needed to replace vs what I could keep.

Make a Wiring Plan

Next, I mapped out a plan for the rewiring:

Having a wiring plan ensured I bought all the right supplies in one trip.

Purchase Materials

With my plan in hand, I purchased the following at my local hardware store for under $50:

Replace Old Wiring

Now it was time to rewire. Here's the process I followed:

Taking it slow and methodical ensured safe new wiring throughout the shed.

Add New Lighting and Outlets

The finishing touches were installing the new devices:

When everything checked out, I buttoned up the boxes and flipped the breakers. I now had a totally rewired shed!


Rewiring a shed on a budget is very doable with some elbow grease. The key steps are:

Following basic electrical safety, taking your time, and having a plan makes rewiring an old shed very manageable. The $50 I spent was totally worth it for a safer, more functional space!