How to Rewire Your Outlets and Lights Without Burning Down Your House

Rewiring outlets and lights in your home can seem daunting, but with proper precautions it can be done safely. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I rewired my outlets and lights without burning down my house.

Safety First!

Before beginning any electrical project, safety should be your top priority. Electricity can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Here are some key safety tips to follow:

Following basic electrical safety measures will help ensure you don't get hurt. Now let's get to the project!

Gather the Right Rewiring Supplies

To rewire outlets and lights, you'll need the following supplies:

I recommend 14/2 gauge NM cable and 20A GFCI outlets for most 15/20 amp home circuits. Ensure all supplies are UL certified and rated for the appropriate voltage in your home.

Turn Off Power and Remove Old Outlets/Switches

After gathering supplies, it's time to turn off power and remove existing wiring.

The boxes are now ready to have new wiring and outlets installed.

Run New Wiring and Install New Outlets and Switches

Here are the steps to run new cables, outlets, and switches:

Following basic wiring steps makes rewiring outlets and switches straightforward. Just take it slow and exercise caution.

Helpful Rewiring Tips

Here are some helpful tips to make your rewiring project go smoothly:

Rewiring Dos and Don'ts

In Closing

Rewiring your electrical system correctly is very satisfying. By following proper safety procedures, using the right materials, and adhering to code, you can upgrade your lighting and outlets without burning anything down! Just take it slow and get help if unsure. Let me know if you have any other home wiring questions.